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3-in-1 World Globe for Kids, 9" - Geographic Map, Constellation Map, and LED night Light

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We live in a truly amazing world! From the vast Sahara Desert to Brazil's rain forests, from NYC skyscrapers to Zimbabwe's huts, our 9" spinning colorful globe features easy-to-read details that show political borders, countries, states, major cities, oceans, and geographic and topographic features.

As the sun sets, your 3-in-1 globe transforms into an astronomic atlas! The light-up night mode features an accurate map of the night skies, complete with all 88 constellations and our solar-system neighbors, that also doubles as a striking night light!

Give your child the gift of knowledge. Knowledge of planet earth, of other countries and continents, of the oceans and seas, and of the space and stars. Knowledge of the world around them that will serve them throughout their entire lives.

Buy now and get a FREE constellation introduction guide PLUS our flags & countries "Let's Travel" FREE BONUS card game for the whole family. Teach and learn fascinating facts about the world's 52 most populated countries while having great family quality time.


 Width: 9 inch

Length: 9 inch

Height: 11.6 inch

 Weight: 3.14 pounds

Includes USB & Wall Adaptor


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