Motivating Kids to Clean

As a parent, you know the daily struggle: your kids come home from school, whip out their favorite toys and stuffed animals, and wreak havoc around the house until dinner time. When it's time to eat, the toys are strewn everywhere, no one has picked them up and put them back, and now you and your spouse are tripping over the teddy bears in your walking pathway.

What if there was a two-in-one solution? Something that's fun yet inspires a cleaning spirit in your children without them even realizing it? You need something that not only inspires your kids to clean up but also makes it easier for you to hang onto toys without giving them away or throwing them out.

Here are just a few reasons why you need a storage bean bag chair as your end-all, be-all solution:

Cleaning Motivation: If your kids view cleaning up as another fun activity, they will take part happily. Instead of making them place toys back on shelves and into boring bins, you can have them simply throw the soft toys in this singular storage bag. Once all stuffed, they are instantly rewarded as the storage bag turns into a super soft and comfortable seating piece that will keep your kids thoroughly entertained.

Smart Storage: We all know how attached our kids can get to some stuffed animals. They simply won't part with it. Many of us might even have a stuffed animal with us today that we cherished when we were children. With this kind of bean bag storage, you can now have a piece of useable furniture that will preserve your beloved toys safely for years into the future.

Versatile Purposes: Particularly for those living with minimal space, turning a toy storage unit into a functional chair covers two purposes at once, plus you can toss in not only toys but also linens, blankets, towels, seasonal clothing and more, making your life a whole lot easier.

The Smart Wallaby storage bean bag chair is made of 100% cotton, with heavy-duty zippers and seams. It can hold well over 100 stuffed animals and introduces Smart Wallaby's patented expansion system allowing you to expand or collapse the bag by 50% according to your storage needs. 

The Smart Wallaby will help kids discover that cleaning and organizing can be incredibly rewarding while inspiring family members to take advantage of its versatile purposes, making it the perfect 2-in-1 storage solution for your household, get yours now!


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