The benefits of musical instrument to your child's development


Music is a universal language and integral to human society and culture. It permeates our lives through the radio, television, and theater. It's a part of our celebrations and is an intuitive way for many of us to express ourselves. In addition, music has many developmental benefits for young children.

Education experts worldwide claim that very young ages are the most suitable for introducing music. Furthermore, they claim that at these ages, the emphasis should be on experiencing as many instruments with different forms of playing that produce different sounds while focusing on an individual instrument should start at ages 5-6.

 Here are five reasons why you should purchase musical Instruments for your little ones:


Promoting creativity: Children are naturally curious and enjoy exploring the sounds they can make with various musical toys. For example, xylophones and drums are excellent for toddlers to try and repeat familiar tunes. At the same time, melodic bells and castanets make fun percussive sounds that stimulate young minds and help them express their unique language.

 Improving cognitive skills and sensory development: Many studies were conducted regarding the benefits of music for the young brain. Most have found that it stimulates and creates new neural pathways helping promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In addition, music's patterns and rhythms help the brain become faster and more efficient in transmitting information. As a result, babies and toddlers exposed to music show better language development abilities as they grow - speech, listening, and reading skills.

 Development of motor skills: It can be tricky for little fingers to master the coordination required to hold and play with some musical instruments. For example, playing a drum or xylophone requires a correct grip and eye-hand coordination. Like so, various musical instruments in different shapes and types will develop and strengthen other muscle systems, promoting both gross and fine motor skills.

 Learning patience: Like any other skill, it takes time to master playing an instrument. Children will enjoy the sense of achievement they will get from learning through play as they gradually repeat familiar tunes or patterns or even keep a steady rhythm. Musical toys for toddlers are also a great way to introduce the concept of waiting to young children, promoting positive social interactions - playing and singing together with others, like any other cooperation, requires dialogue. To create something together, children have to listen to each other. Contact with live music makes children aware of the value of pausing and listening to others, which is essential to any communication.

 Encouraging self-expression: Babies and toddlers don't always have the vocabulary they need to express themselves. They can get frustrated when they can't transcribe their feelings. Musical instruments for babies and toddlers give children an opportunity for self-expression and can help release pent-up energy, as well as have fun!

 As parents of small children, we believe in the power of music as a positive factor in our children's lives. Therefore, with the help of music and education experts, we created the perfect set for children. We carefully chose each instrument, understanding that at a young age, the most vital part for our children is to enjoy the musical instruments and have fun. Doing so sets the stage for the second phase of playing a specific instrument to happen naturally. With the help of the 12 different types of instruments in the set, our children will learn to recognize and produce different sounds, learn rhythm, and dance, and will have a positive initial experience with the world of music, which has so much to offer young children!

Now that you know the benefits, pick up the bells and maracas and start dancing with your little ones!


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