We're no huge corporate with dozens of brands and hundreds of products. We're not a small-town family-owned business operated out of our farmhouse who went online, either. If you ask us to define ourselves in one word, I believe that the best word would be: Partners.


Getting together with other people is what eventually made "Smart Wallaby" happen – together with our spouses, our families and children, our friends.

At some point in time we've decided, 2 long time business partners, friends, and now fathers to 5 children between us, to sell our business, and start fresh creating products for children.

Why? Why not is the real question!


Becoming a parent changes you like water curving a rock. You're slowly becoming much more attentive to the little things around you, thinking about how they affect your children, your family, imagining what you would change, do better, invent…


We sometimes create a product from scratch. Sometimes, we'll improve or add an educational value to an existing one. Still, either way, our ideas are always generated in the one place toy ideas should be developed – at home, while playing with our kids.

We decided at day one that we'll provide only value-added products, always safe, always high-quality. We understand the responsibility we have towards our customers' children, our own children are using these products at home.

So, we started, and suddenly we found that we have new partners – our customers!



Nothing warms the heart more than a "My grandson just LOVES his new globe!" or "These are my toddler's favorite toys!" email received from a customer who just took the time to write us a simple "thank you." Not because they have to or because they'll get something out of it. Just because they appreciate what we've created!

Amazing - a new partner!


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