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Little Band - 15 Pcs. Musical Instruments Set with Carrying Bag

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Introduce your toddler to the amazing world of music and allow them to benefit from Its countless developmental rewards. Multiple studies have found that music highly contributes to children's creativity, concentration, development, and intelligence, and improves motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and rhythm.

Our Little Band set offers all your child needs to get started - a variety of 15 high-quality colorful instruments scaled-down to a child's size and packed into a cute carrying bag for easy pickup and carrying around to music class or playdates.

All the Little Band set instruments are 100% non-toxic, child-safe, and ASTM & CPSIA compliant.

Buy now and get our "Wallaby's smart musical activities" eBook bonus for hours of fun and bonding family quality time!


Width: 13 inch, Length: 2.5 inch, Height: 10.2

 Weight: 2.35 pounds

Material Type: Natural wood, Metal

pcs: 15

storage: Backpack


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